Urban Development
Landscape Development
Competition 2012


Arizona Dream - New Realities for Broadacre City

Rurban Textile Factory

Broadacre City is a project developed 1932-58 by Frank Lloyd Wright. By taking current knowledge and technical capabilities into account, his vision of a new democratic and decentralized society where land, means of production and capital are distributed is reactivated. The Broadacre City plan offers the space needed to physically reconnect and make visible the link between culture, ecology and economy. The task is to utilize the potential of this vision to integrate different functions such as energy and raw material production with the landscape and the build structures, and thus create new meetings and synergy effects.
A part of the Broadacre City plan is extracted and divided into thematic plots, thus the urban structure for the projects is given. In this project a plot next to the highway, assigned to host small-scale industries that are connected to waterways and cultivated land, is reactivated.
The existing U-shaped factory buildings in the industrial production area of Broadacre City, are transformed into a textile factory, which uses regional fibre and dying plants such as hemp, flax and nettle. The raw materials used are grown, processed and sold directly on site. Energy is generated trough a biogas plant, biological cleaning is integrated in the production process and residual products are recycled. The existing building structures is adapted according to new uses and converted into factory spaces, greenhouses, warehouses and open spaces. The entire production process is integrated and made visible in the Broadacre City plan and in the every day life of the inhabitant.

Urban Development and Transformation / Landscape Development
Interpretation of Broadacre City
Competition 2012
Team: Sandra Tantscher, Sebastian Jenull

Research and collage - Textile industry in the past
Research and collage - Textile industry today
Research and collage - Textile industry in the future
Layering - Aims and principles
Site plan - Network of fabrication
Industrial production on the plot - Transformed factory buildings & fibre-fields
Zoom in - Parts of the agroforestry system & textile factory
Conversion - Architecture & use of resources